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Removing Tonal Noise with Deconstruct

Tonal noise caused by engines or industrial machines can cause serious disturbances in your audio recordings. How can you remove that tonal noise easily, while also preserving the level of noise in your dialogue? Learn how using the Deconstruct module in iZotope’s RX Advanced.

Repairing a Distorted Audio Track

Have you ever been in the middle of a great sounding take, but suddenly the preamp or interface gets overdriven and the take is unusable? The De-clip module in iZotope’s RX audio repair software can help rescue tracks that were recorded too hot by redrawing squared off waveforms.

How to Remove Background Noise from Dialogue Recordings

With location dialogue tracks, a steady background noise can make it difficult to bring quiet scenes forward in the mix without also boosting the distracting noise floor. Using the Corrective EQ module before the Dialogue De-noise module can help mitigate this constant noise and allow the voice to be heard more clearly and prominently without losing the ambience of the scene.

How to Remove Isolated Background Noises from Dialogue Recordings

Random sounds behind a dialogue track—such as beeps, squeaks, sirens, or coughs—can distract from the storytelling. Instant Process mode in iZotope’s RX audio repair software is the easiest way to Attenuate or Replace noises by selecting them on the Spectrogram and immediately applying the settings from the Spectral Repair module.

Removing Mouth Clicks from Audio Recordings

When recording a voiceover or vocal track with a sensitive microphone, we can start to hear the mechanical noises of the mouth, and they can be distracting. Mouth clicks and smacks can be removed easily from a recording using the De-click module in iZotope’s RX audio repair software, without affecting intelligibility.

Removing Plosives from a Recording

Plosives are strong blasts of air that create a massive pressure change at the microphone's diaphragm, and happen most often with strong p, t, k, and b sounds. iZotope’s RX 5 Advanced can intelligently remove these from your audio using the De-plosive module.

Removing High Frequency Buzz and Interference

Some video cameras, portable recorders, and audio interfaces can impart annoying high frequency noises that could ruin your audio. The Spectral De-noise plug-in in iZotope’s RX audio repair software can help clean up your audio and preserve your tracks.

Removing Audio Hum with iZotope RX

Hum is often caused by lack of proper electrical ground. For this problem, we’ll use multiple modules in a particular order to mitigate it. The De-hum module in iZotope’s RX noise reduction software includes a series of notch filters that can be set to remove both the base frequency of the hum (usually 50 or 60 Hz), as well as harmonics that may have resulted. Then we can use the Spectral De-noise module to address additional buzz above those harmonics.

Fixing Wireless Dropouts in Production Audio

RF Hits (dropouts in the signal from a wireless mic) are a common issue in production dialogue. Using the Ambience Match and Spectral Repair modules in iZotope’s RX audio repair software, you can fix some of these issues, even if they’re right on top of the dialogue track.

Removing Digital Clicks and Pops

Sync problems and ground loops between a computer and audio interface can create an audio track mired by digital clicks and pops. The De-click plug-in in iZotope’s RX audio noise reduction software can effortlessly remove digital errors like these and preserve an otherwise unusable audio track.


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