Welcome to the iZotope RX Audio Cookbook

The iZotope RX Audio Cookbook is designed to help you find solutions or 'recipes' for solving common audio problems. Each recipe includes step-by-step directions, before and after audio examples, illustrations and tips for solving stubborn problems.

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  • Not sure which version of RX is right for you?

    There are 3 different versions of RX: RX Plug-in Pack, RX 5 Standard, and RX 5 Advanced.
    Compare the possibilities of each version with this chart.

  • Want to know more about RX?

    Check out the user manuals for RX 5 (HTML/PDF) and the RX Plug-in Pack (HTML/PDF).

New recipes are being added regularly, so stay tuned! As you work through the Cookbook, be sure to send us your feedback.